The Landing Estate - Salamander Bay


The Landing Estate – Salamander Bay

Project:                     The Landing Estate – 220 Soldiers Point Rd Salamander Bay Residential Subdivision

Location:                  220 Soldiers Point Rd Salamander Bay NSW

 Value:                      $2,000,000

Client:                       Delroy Projects Pty Ltd


  • 19 Lot Residential Subdivision which consisted of:
  • Excavating and constructing large size and extensive underground Concrete Pipe, Insitu Pit, and Special Perforated Pipe (1200mm dia) Stormwater system including 2400 x 900 Reinforced Box Culverts integrated with 2 large and deep underground Precast Stormtrap Infiltration Detention Tanks (45m x 7m x 3.5m and 18m x 7m x 3.5m).
  • Complex Underground Pipe and Infiltration Tank system was excavated and constructed in 3.5m deep loose sand soil conditions with detailed shoring protection systems required due to difficult and restricted confined urban residential environments such as roadways, public park, and adjacent housing, live services, and waterways.
  • Detailed Safety, environmental, and Traffic Management systems, including authority and local resident stakeholder consultation with 3m deep shored excavations across busy Soldiers Point Road and within Public Park Reserve adjacent Salamander Bay Foreshore in sand substrate and amongst extensive live water/sewer/ electrical/NBN services.
  • Detailed consultation with Hunter Water Corporation and Council was required to construct deep Stormwater Pipes and infiltration Tanks within Public Park adjacent live operating sewer pump station which included extensive Shutdown and Sewer Diversion Flow Management Systems to enable its excavation and installation.
  • Flexible road pavement, Kerbing, Concrete Accessways, Footpaths Street Tree and Landscaping
  • Installation of Electrical, Communication, Gas, Sewer, and Watermain services to subdivision.
  • Maintenance and Preservation of Wildlife/Asset Protection zone areas adjoining the works area.
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