Bolte Civil have the ability and experience to complete a wide variety of concreting activities with our in-house concreting crews, ranging from kerbing and general concrete structures work, through to high level management and construction of complex and specialised structures. Concrete Works undertaken by Bolte Civil include;

  • All profile shapes and sizes of Kerb and Gutter, including dish drains, laybacks, pram ramps and transition sections,
  • Footpaths, bus stops, access driveways and general slabs on ground,
  • Concrete Road Pavement and Roundabouts, including Lean Mix Subbase and Steel Fibre Base Course layers,
  • Stormwater pits, complex stormwater structures, Box Culvert base slabs, Headwalls and Wingwalls,
  • Piling and concrete Piers,
  • Detailed Footings for Retaining walls and structures, including Concrete Retaining Walls, and Structural Masonry Retaining Walls,
  • Complex Water and Wastewater structures such as Sewer Pump Stations and PRVs,
  • Management of highly complex structures such as Pedestrian Bridges, Reinforced Concrete Panel Walls, and Suspended Boat Ramps.

All works undertaken are managed and constructed in accordance with our accredited Integrated Management Systems which would also incorporates various project specific requirements such as RMS or Council Specifications, Australian Standards, Environmental Planning documents and WHS legislation


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