Chisholm 3 WWPS

Billabong Pde, Chisholm

Value:                        $720,000

Client:                        AVID Property Group Pty Ltd

Superintendent:     ADW Johnson


Ø2100 x 8m deep wet well including:

  • Ø1800mm collection man hole and Ø2100mm Valve Pit.
  • 800m PVC-O Rising Main incl. Air Valve, Scour Valve and epoxy coated receiving man hole.
  • Stainless Steel upper and lower Assembly
  • Installation of 2 x Sulzer XFP100E Centrifugal Pedestal Pumps.
  • Potable water top-up with RPZD assy.
  • Installation and commissioning of Electrical, mechanical and telemetry components.
  • Vent Stacks incl. air filtration units.
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