Cameron Grove Major Works Contract

Cameron Park        

Value:            $20 million

Client:            Hammersmith Management P/L

Superintendant:     Hammersmith Management P/L          


Bulk Earthworks for shopping centre and future subdivision stages, RMS road upgrade, construction of internal roads and infrastructure for shopping centre, 90 lot subdivision stage, 80m sewer underbore, including:

  • 500,000m3 of bulk earthworks,
  • 2 signalised intersections
  • 2 concrete roundabouts
  • 40,000m2 of road pavement construction,
  • 2,800m of Stormwater pipes and pits,
  • Services installation including sewer reticulation, electrical reticulation, gas reticulation, water reticulation, and Telecommunications
  • Signage, Linemarking, and Landscaping,
  • Road upgrade to RMS specifications under Works Authorisation Deed.
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